Dr2 New Economy | Sanne Carrière
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Sanne Carrière
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Sanne Carrière

" ‘Impossible' only means that we haven't found the solution yet. The future is created in the NOW. "

Sanne Carrière (1983) has great confidence in the malleability of the present. With practical business models, strategic sessions and inspiring tools like storytelling and circular design, she supports clients in their transition towards the new economy.

Since 2008, Sanne holds office as an advisor; in 2011 she decided to put her advice to practice; as a co-owner of a business in the water industry she implemented her ideas on sustainability and transformational change. In 2015 and 2016, she was awarded a place in TheNextWomen Top 100. In 2016 she was proclaimed honorary member of the year by Dutch environmental & water technology association Envaqua.

Sanne has a background in Culture, Communication- and Information sciences and followed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Japan, which was awarded to her by the Japan Prizewinners Program. In her spare time, Sanne practices yoga and likes to read or write about the future.