Dr2 New Economy | Marieke van der Werf
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Marieke van der Werf
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Marieke van der Werf

"Always looking for a connection between an organization’s interests and the realization of a sustainable society."

Marieke van der Werf (1959) is an expert within the field of energy and sustainability. In her work as an advisor she focuses on several themes, including sustainability and energy, cradle to cradle, circular economics, supply chain optimization, energy conservation and decentralized power generation. As a member of the Christian-democratic political party CDA she has been a member of the Dutch House of Representatives from January 2011 until September 2012. Her portfolio included matters of sustainable development, energy and culture.

Currently, Marieke van der Werf is a member of the advisory councils of NUDGE, ACCRES and Social Enterprises Lab.

In 1996 Marieke published her boek Communicatie op de Groene Markt (‘Communication on the Green Market’), In 2009 her publication Cradle to Cradle in Bedrijf (‘Cradle to Cradle in operation’) was distributed. Currently, Marieke van der Werf is a member of the Dutch Speakers Academy.